Personal & Household Support

"After my husband passed away, I found myself completely overwhelmed by paperwork, going through my husband's belongings and trying to organize my life. MTYT helped me find focus and took care of projects that were overwhelming to me. Amy was very important to my survival and getting through so much. And she really cares, which is a big plus."

- Barbara, Publisher

In addition to that initial assistance, MTYT helped Barbara with the major transition of an interstate move. We prepared her office to be sold, set up long term storage solutions, and oversaw her personal move to Florida, even shipping her car.

“We knew we wanted a wedding in New York, and one that was outside the box. However, suddenly it was three weeks before the wedding and twenty friends were flying in from around the world – and we had no ceremony venue, no reception planned, not even a justice of the peace! Amy found the perfect location, arranged and negotiated all the details, helped create a menu, booked an officiant, even picked up the procession music after we forgot our CD - MTYT worked in record time to create the perfect day.”

- Nicole, Businesswoman

OK, we admit it– three weeks to plan a wedding is tough! Maybe give us four? But even if it’s only two days notice, MTYT will create an unforgettable event that reflects your personal style.


" With two busy careers, the idea of packing our apartment for a move after 12 years of living there was extremely daunting. Years of accumulated junk and lack of organization was threatening to undermine our move to our brand new home. MTYT got us organized, packed, donated, ebayed and into external storage, to name just a few tasks. But even more significantly, by the time our new apartment was ultimately ready, we were scheduled to be on a long planned vacation.

  Amy handled every aspect of the move, down to organizing the sock drawer and we were able to go on vacation and come back to a perfectly unpacked and organized new home! It was wonderful!! Amy also worked extensively with our contractors and architects and was obsessive over the little details and made sure no shoddy workmanship slipped through the cracks. I would never do a move without her!"

-Jennifer, Banker

As with any new apartment, things kept cropping up after the initial move and MTYT was there to assist …including when the floors needed to be refinished (twice) and when new artwork was installed.

Office Administration

"I had just opened my own chiropractic practice and didn’t know where to begin in creating the administrative operation. MTYT made it simple—Amy provided office support, created filing systems, made office purchases, coordinated my move to a new office space, helped define the role of an office manager and trained that employee. MTYT continues to oversee large projects and being an all around life saver!"

-Laurie, Chiropractor

As Laurie's medical practice has grown, MTYT has continued to provide administrative and growth support – including drafting sublease agreements and overseeing sign design and production.

Senior Years

“As my mother got older, she needed help with bill paying and other support. My Time is Your Time organized years of paperwork into files that were easily accessible, prepared her tax documents, went to the accountant with her, and ensured that I was able to receive any important documents.

  When she broke her hip and needed live in help, they were instrumental in helping secure live in staff, including screening candidates and helping follow up with medical bills. With their help and compassion, both my mother and I were relieved of administrative burdens.”

–Charlie, Psychologist

Sometimes, it’s hardest to help the people you love the most. MTYT was happy to help Charlie and his mother with regular monthly visits as well as additional services when needed.