find new apartments or office spaces, research market values

Initial Assessment

determine the unique needs of your particular move, recommendations for scheduling, approach, and vendors

Storage Units

assess storage needs, reserve and organize space, design for either built-in or movable shelving design and install shelving or supervise built in construction, create itemized inventory of all items


identify unneeded items, distribute to charities or sell online


research appropriate movers, arrange movers’ insurance and all other move related details

Building Administration

acquire all permits and reservations required to move in and out of your spaces: liaise between client, movers, and building management

Administrative Support

change of address notifications to USPS and all vendors

Site Management

arrange and oversee contractors, painters, cleaners and other vendors

Move and Post-Move


supervise movers and ensure move is performed in a timely professional manner


spacial arrangement all rooms, organize all items including closets, dressers, desks, kitchen, medicine cabinets


set up appointments and be present for installations


arrange and supervise art, computer and other installations


coordinate and supervise cleaning of previous and new apartments


provide organizational support for every area of the space: closet, office, den, kitchen


buy any new furniture, office, household or organizational items still needed

Punch Lists

liaise with contractors and designers on remaining or newly found items and create punch lists as issues are discovered during move

Everyday Items

create a livable ambiance from day one: purchase and provide groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, accessories, take out menus, candles and other day to day items